NYC’s Disappearing Store Front

The photographer duo James and Karla Murray did an amazing job capturing the nostalgia displayed on the faces of all the timeless immigrant shops in NYC that formed the fabric of the city’s culture. Too bad that these 19th and 20th century gems are going extinct.

I am very lucky to have had the chance to visit some of these places the few times i’ve been to the city. So i thought i’d share these as an homage to the mom’n’pop shops and as a tank you you James and Karla… please make sure you buy their book.

brooklyn-2004-1 brooklyn-2004-2 harlem-2007-mg-soul-food-diner-closed-in-2008 manhattan-2001 manhattan-2003-1

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Watch The Throne… the doc

Not a big fan of this album, but i absolutely respect the craft of these two minds. If you ever wondered how the two Mega Geniuses work, then this is for you.
By the way… the images are easy to find, but the video will probably be deleted pretty soon, because Yey and Hov got their little eyes all over the internets looking for this and banning it. so enjoy it while it’s still up!

…Oh, favorite part? Russell Crowe of course.

Polaroid Grey Label by Lady Gaga

Polaroid Grey Label by Lady Gaga

Am sure i wasn’t the only one who wasn’t sure what to think when we first heard the Lady Gaga was to be the Creative Director at Polaroid. But if all that follows is in the same line at the Grey Lable series that was announced at CES, sign me up…