Japanese Unique Skateboarding Style (Gou Miyagi)

Watch The Throne… the doc

Not a big fan of this album, but i absolutely respect the craft of these two minds. If you ever wondered how the two Mega Geniuses work, then this is for you.
By the way… the images are easy to find, but the video will probably be deleted pretty soon, because Yey and Hov got their little eyes all over the internets looking for this and banning it. so enjoy it while it’s still up!

…Oh, favorite part? Russell Crowe of course.

Adobe Muse (code name)

So Adobe finally releases MUSE, a remake of my favorite Adobe product of all times… GoLive. As a graphic designer who dabbles in code just a little, GoLive was the tool that made me feel like a rock star. so Muse here looks like it can be promising, and i know that because hardcore web designers are already bashing it to the ground. I can’t wait to see what i can do with it and the things am gonna learn through it.

screen shots…



Steve Duncan is an urban historian and photographer who luckily for us has an appetite for breaking the law (stupid laws in my opinion) and jumps through hoops and over fences to bring the underground to light just for you and i’s enjoyment.
In this journey of “Guerrilla History & Urban Exploration”, he and videographer Andrew Wonder peel off the layers of New York City to show that there’s a lot to appreciate underneath…