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US Interstate Subway Map – by Cameron Booth

US Interstate Metro - cameron booth

Visit Cameron’s site here for more maps of US cities and Europe, and buy the print on Society6.

My Favorite BMW Art Cars

Munneebox by Greg Darroll

A series of fun and unique birch-ply hand crafted designer toys, done by Greg Darroll… go inside for a better look.

Today’s WTF Item: The Fingerbox

i don’t even know… but MUST TRY!!!

found at Longo Land

Gorilla for a Cause

No better way to bring attention to African Gorilla Trade than this. by Ginger Monkey and Ged Palmer

A Bunch of Crock : by Safwat Saleem

like what you see? then come in for some refreshing political incorrectness!

Adobe Muse (code name)

So Adobe finally releases MUSE, a remake of my favorite Adobe product of all times… GoLive. As a graphic designer who dabbles in code just a little, GoLive was the tool that made me feel like a rock star. so Muse here looks like it can be promising, and i know that because hardcore web designers are already bashing it to the ground. I can’t wait to see what i can do with it and the things am gonna learn through it.

screen shots…

Scumco & Sons Skateboard Abecedarium

Scumco & Sons Skateboard Abecedarium

What’s an Abecedarium you ask? Heck if i know! but if i had to guess, i would say that it means the best damn way to exhibit the ABCs. Letterpress, Exotic Hardwood, Vulgar Lyrics? come ooooon, that’s some skateboard deck porn.

N.E.R.D. done by Jam Sutton

N.E.R.D. done by Jam Sutton

Peep out this sweet photography and visual art in his work for N.E.R.D.’s “Nothing” album. Other than the photography, you can’t miss the impressive illustration work by UK’s own suck out Ben Normanton…