Watch The Throne… the doc

Not a big fan of this album, but i absolutely respect the craft of these two minds. If you ever wondered how the two Mega Geniuses work, then this is for you.
By the way… the images are easy to find, but the video will probably be deleted pretty soon, because Yey and Hov got their little eyes all over the internets looking for this and banning it. so enjoy it while it’s still up!

…Oh, favorite part? Russell Crowe of course.

Man Without Country - King Complex

Man Without Country – King Complex

i don’t know how to explain this song. Ever since i heard this a couple of weeks back on BBC Radio1 Stories, i’ve been haunted by the deep underwater eerie feeling the tune gives me. take a listen, you’ll Love It!

Joe Goddard (feat. Valentina) – Gabriel

Last week Annie Mac premiered this on her Friday’s show. I was at work, and this was just the tune my brain was begging for.
Valentina’s vocal on this is just amazing. She’s got that Shakira depth to her voice that takes me the jungle for some reason, and that’s where the tribal drums that Mr. Goddard lays down get hold of me.
I hope you enjoy this as much as i do.

Joe Goddard (featuring Valentina) – Gabriel by DFA Records

Happy 4th of July from the Swedes

Alesso vs Axwell & Ingrosso – Together Nillionaire (Sebastian Ingrosso Bootleg) by Swedish House Mafia RO

Same Currensy, Different Address

Same Currensy, Different Address

Curren$y, Stalley and Ski Beatz is quiet a mouth full that managed to release this smooth cut. This track is basically everything i love about hip hop, especially at a time when lyrics like “well, i was trying to paste some Soulja Boy lyrics here, but no 2 lines made sense, so WTF, you get the idea!” are reigning supreme in the hip hop world.
So hit the jump and enjoy this great piece of work…