Curren$y, Stalley and Ski Beatz is quiet a mouth full that managed to release this smooth cut. This track is basically everything i love about hip hop, especially at a time when lyrics like “well, i was trying to paste some Soulja Boy lyrics here, but no 2 lines made any damn sense, so WTF, you get the idea!” are reigning supreme in the hip hop world. It is indeed a Curren$y track, but i gotta say that what makes it what it is for me is Stalley’s verse and the dope beat that Ski Beatz cooked up.

These dudes are not only making a big impression in the states, but they reached a huge fan base in Japan and China kinda like Mos Def. and yeah… they got collabs with the Boogie Man himself too. So if you like Smart Lyrics, Hot Beats, and Creative Rhyming Styles, makeĀ  sure you check out their albums and spread the word. and remember Curren$y’s lifestyle motto: J.E.T.S. (Just Enjoy This Shit!